The Patriot Post® · Trump Flushes Obama's Bathroom Decree

By Nate Jackson ·

Score another victory against Barack Obama’s executive overreach. As the inevitable advance of the homosexual agenda moved toward the “T” of “LGBT,” Obama jumped in the fray, reinterpreting Title IX to include “gender identity” and ordering public schools to, for example, allow so-called transgender boys to use girls’ locker rooms. In no time, 13 states sued to stop Obama’s tranny decree. By summer’s end, those states had prevailed, and a federal judge blocked the order.

Now there’s better news still: Donald Trump’s attorney general, Jeff Sessions, announced that the administration will not defend Obama’s order, thus stopping the case in its tracks before the scheduled appeal later this week. We hope the Trump administration’s next action is to rescind the order altogether and be done with this bathroom nonsense. After all, the science is settled — boys and girls are different.

Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel Gary McCaleb put it this way: “This is good news for the privacy, safety, and dignity of young students across America. The Obama Administration radically distorted a federal law that was intended to equalize educational opportunities for women and misused the law to place members of the opposite sex into students’ private facilities. The Trump Administration took the first steps to end that error. It is only common sense to ensure privacy for all students by keeping boys out of girls’ locker rooms and vice versa, and school officials shouldn’t have to fear losing crucial federal funding when they protect all students’ privacy. Respecting the real differences between boys and girls is right, because that protects the privacy, safety, and dignity of all students.”