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Dezinformatsiya 101 — Killing Flynn

How leakers manipulated press coverage.

Nate Jackson · Feb. 16, 2017

We noted yesterday that the political assassination of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was committed by Barack Obama’s hacks deep in the bowels of bureaucracy. CIA, NSA and National Security Council officials fed information to “cutouts” — friendly civilians or workers in other government agencies — who then transmitted it to the Leftmedia, which dutifully did its job to scalp Flynn and delegitimize Donald Trump.

This is a campaign of “dezinformatsiya.” The Patriot Post has employed that word for years to describe what the Leftmedia does to misinform the American public. As Jonah Goldberg succinctly explained in 2014, “We get the word ‘disinformation’ from the Russian ‘Dezinformatsiya,’ the name of the KGB division charged with propagating deliberate lies around the world.”

In the same week all that occurred, the same leakers played The Wall Street Journal, which headlined Thursday, “Spies Keep Intelligence From Donald Trump on Leak Concerns.” In other words, this is a classic play — intelligence officials leaked hit material on Flynn and then leaked that they don’t give info to Trump because it might get leaked. We’ll certainly concede that Trump is rather loose-lipped and has an apparent blind spot for Russia, making such accusations somewhat believable. But Trump is the duly elected president and commander in chief. It is not the responsibility of anonymous spooks to decide whether he’s trustworthy. “It’s probably unprecedented to have this difficult a relationship between a president and the intelligence agencies,” said Mark Lowenthal, a former senior intelligence official. “I can’t recall ever seeing this level of friction. And it’s just not good for the country.” Since when has that been a concern for the Left?

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