The Patriot Post® · Disillusioned Demos Driven to Disrupt

By Michael Swartz ·

Last November, radical leftists failed to elect Hillary Clinton and thus failed to break the glass ceiling of electoral politics. Instead, having had their hearts broken by Donald Trump, they’ve been expressing their disapproval in a number of ways. And the bottom line is simple: “Resist” by whatever means necessary.

As the vote counting wrapped up, it became clear that one of their tactics would be the constant reminder that Hillary Clinton received more votes on a nationwide basis than Donald Trump did, even if the entirety of that margin can be attributed to California — a state that accounts for one-eighth of our population but one-third of our welfare recipients. That might have something to do with the vote count…

Corollary to that is the continuing insistence that only Russian interference propelled Trump to victory. Among other things, the Russian influence narrative was preserved when former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn resigned and has led to the creation of a Democrat charge of perjury against Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Senate Democrats have also opposed, practically in lockstep, almost every one of Trump’s cabinet nominees — particularly Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, who needed the assistance of Vice President Mike Pence to break a 50-50 Senate tie with her nomination. They also made a scene at President Trump’s joint address to Congress earlier this week, with Democrat women wearing white in solidarity and others doing their best to ignore the president afterward.

But while one can complain about the obstinate congressional Democrats, at least they’re maintaining some sense of decorum. It’s the party rank-and-file who “felt the Bern” a year ago and grudgingly supported Hillary Clinton out of fear of a Donald Trump regime that has gone well beyond the edge.

Vowing to resist and persist in their opposition, this group has taken the moniker “Indivisible” and recently partnered with Barack Obama’s permanent campaign arm, Organizing for Action, that began life nearly a decade ago as “Obama for America.” Their key tactic is reminiscent of one the Tea Party used in opposing Obama’s stimulus package and Affordable Care Act in 2009: coming out in force to congressional town hall meetings. However, this group is taking its dissent several steps further.

In a pamphlet called “The Indivisible Guide” — which should be required reading for those who want to be aware of the Left’s tactics — the group notes: “This constant reelection pressure means that (members of Congress) are enormously sensitive to their image in the district or state, and they will work very hard to avoid signs of public dissent or disapproval.” It means that protesters are pleased to make a scene during an opening prayer for a town hall meeting, because it’s all part of the plan. If their constant siege protests get a senator evicted from his regional office, so much the better — even though Senator Marco Rubio is safely in the Senate until 2022.

Perhaps it’s a good time to remind readers that the Tea Parties didn’t begin until over a month into Obama’s term. (This past week marked the eighth anniversary of the first set of those organized protests, which occurred in more than 30 cities nationwide.) At the time, Barack Obama long since had most of his cabinet in place — many confirmed by voice votes in the Senate — and had already signed his first major legislative initiative, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, better known as the stimulus bill. That bloated graft spending was the primary impetus for the Tea Party. In contrast, Donald Trump drew a massive protest less than 24 hours after taking office — well before his cabinet choices were even nominated, much less confirmed, or any significant legislation or orders signed.

Besides, he’s been busy reducing executive power, not expanding it like Obama did.

It seems that the legacy of a president who did his best to divide us by race, gender, immigration status, and many other ways is being reflected in this reaction to his successor. Which side will blink first, the Indivisible side that wants the Obama nanny state preserved as a stepping stone to even greater tyranny, or the Deplorables who’d like to roll back the excesses of government and place America first? While the opposition has made a lot of noise with its protests and marches around the nation, the pro-Trump side may have a trick or two up its sleeve as well. The failed Obama agenda can be rolled back, but it will take some backbone from a group prone to going wobbly at the most inopportune time — congressional Republicans.

Our representatives have to realize they can’t please everybody. But they can and should accomplish what they’ve sworn an oath to do — support and defend the Constitution. We already have more than enough evidence that the media and the Left (but we repeat ourselves) will scream about any attempt to right-size government, so it’s time for the silent majority to speak up and remind the congressional majority what they were sent to do.