The Patriot Post® · College Students' Fascist View of Tolerance

By Jordan Candler ·

University of Wisconsin-Madison students universally agree: private business owners who espouse hardline political beliefs, like clothing designers who turned down Melania Trump, should have the liberty to refuse doing business with whom they disagree. This applies to a professional Muslim singer as well. Just because a Christian church solicits the singer for an Easter program doesn’t mean said Muslim should feel coerced or forced into performing. Sadly, the students’ view of inclusiveness and tolerance ends there. In response to another example — legally bullying a Christian photographer to partake in a same-sex ceremony — the consensus eroded, with one student claiming, “That’s such a sticky issue.”

Actually, it’s no different from any of the others. As Alliance Defending Freedom put it, “When faced with a situation that goes against current cultural expectations, like a Christian photographer declining to promote a same-sex wedding, the gears start grinding [emphasis added].” This contradiction gets to the heart of what columnist Dennis Prager, in his piece “Some on the Left Now Criticize the Students They Created,” argues when he says leftist professors’ denunciation of recent campus protests “should not be taken seriously.” He adds, “Their leftist thinking spawned this catastrophe. Until they take responsibility for it, they are not to be taken seriously.” They are the ones responsible for why students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are blind to their own hypocrisy.