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Americans Are Clamoring for ... Chelsea Clinton?

The only thing that "persists" is the Clinton dynasty.

Robin Smith · Mar. 20, 2017

What does the political Left do when the coronation of its presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, fails embarrassingly despite every effort to cheat with debate questions, rigged super delegates and a slush fund filled with hundreds of millions from foreign governments? What do Democrats do when they’ve lost more than 1,100 seats nationwide to their Republican rivals over the last eight years?

Is there a fresh determination to refine messaging, a pursuit of faces that don’t conjure up connections to past failures, or a commitment to abandon a losing philosophy that’s losing voters?

Why, no!

Well, if you enjoy seeing Democrats lose, here’s a quick update that should make your smile.

Guess who’s been posting “spicy” Twitter posts aimed at President Donald Trump? Guess who’s being praised by Politico, CNN and The Hill — the latter of which has featured 16 stories in less than two months — for her opposition to all things Trump?

Take one guess. The family Foundation has essentially closed shop since its pay-to-play for millions is no longer useful. Irrelevance is beginning to sink in with no family member in a position to either collect a taxpayer-funded paycheck or siphon off cash from donors needing access to top federal decision makers.

Famed First Daughter Chelsea Clinton is promoting her second book, a children’s book due out in May, between her heralded social media posts. And she’s being regaled by Democrats and their mouthpieces in the mainstream media as a possible candidate in upcoming election cycles.

Yes, Chelsea Clinton, who survived her upbringing by a couple married for convenience and power, is beginning to promote “She Persisted,” a compilation of stories about women who “changed the world.” Nothing wrong about a book written for the purpose of inspiring young minds to excel, achieve and aspire.

Or is there?

Coming from a 37-year-old whose claim to fame is that her parents have, er, persisted for decades in politics while becoming millionaires, her latest effort in writing is easily seen as an exercise in marketing and branding. But it’s also awful leftist propaganda meant to fill the minds of impressionable young people with Democrat talking points.

Here’s a brief sampling of Chelsea’s padded-because-she’s-a-Clinton resumé:

  • McKinsey & Company in NYC consulting
  • Avenue Capital Group
  • Co-Chair of fundraising for the Clinton Foundation
  • Vice Chairman of the Clinton Foundation
  • Part-time at NBC News earning $600,000 per year
  • Assistant Provost at NYU by 30 years of age
  • Currently makes an average of $1,083 per minute for public speaking
  • Author of “It’s Your World” and “She Persisted”
  • Adjunct professor at Columbia University teaching global health governance

Whoever is advising Chelsea is doing her a great disservice. Why not allow time to erase some of the abysmal events surrounding her dad’s misbehavior in office with Monica Lewinsky and his slick palms accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars to give speeches to foreign companies and interests wanting favor and access to Madame Secretary Clinton? Why not allow some distance from her mom’s less-than-stellar record as secretary of state, framed by the terrorist attack in Benghazi and selling a large stake in America’s uranium to Russia? Why not let memories fade that her parents gave more than 700 speeches over a 15-year window to amass a fortune of $153 million?

However, the belief that another Clinton is the anecdote to the Democrats’ failures is driving the youngest Clinton to become a Twitter troll bashing Trump. Chelsea just needs to don a pink knit cap fashioned after a woman’s reproductive organ and spew vile at a protest and it appears the Democrats would have her cleared for office.

Rumored already in The Hill to have been “groomed” as the replacement for 79-year-old Congresswoman Nita Lowey (D-NY), Chelsea may be looking past the lower chamber to the Senate seat of Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand.

Chelsea Clinton is an educated professional. Degreed at Stanford and Columbia with a doctorate from the University of Oxford, her best route would be to develop her own accomplishments and standing before following her parents’ footsteps into politics. Being used by a desperate political machine that’s been destroyed by the failures of Barack Obama and his militant progressives harms her own credibility and possibilities.

But, instead, she seems to be allowing others to mold her into a graven image of hope in their political dismay and dysfunction. She’s also blind to the stunning defeat in November that put an exclamation point after the statement, “No more establishment dynasties!”

Just look at the Amazon write-up accompanying her children’s book: “Chelsea Clinton introduces tiny feminists, mini activists and little kids who are ready to take on the world to thirteen inspirational women who never took no for an answer, and who always, inevitably and without fail, persisted.” The summary concludes with a tease of “one special cameo” featuring Hillary among actual female heroes such as Harriet Tubman, Sally Ride and Helen Keller.

Persistence is a virtue when applied to a proven process, message or enterprise. Persistence, however, can also be a vice when it looks more like the definition of insanity — doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

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