The Patriot Post® · This Just In: The FBI Is Investigating

By Paul Albaugh ·

FBI Director James Comey testified before Congress Monday. He discussed the allegations of Russian meddling with our recent presidential election, as well as Donald Trump’s accusations of being wiretapped by Barack Obama and the possibility of a foreign ally being involved with that alleged wiretapping during the presidential campaign.

During his testimony before the House Intelligence Committee, Comey acknowledged that his agency is conducting an investigation into possible coordination between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin in a “counterintelligence probe that could reach all the way to the White House and last for months.”

This, of course, is not the “breaking news alert” the Leftmedia couldn’t wait to trumpet. We’ve known for weeks that there is an investigation, and it began in July 2016. And, as Mark Alexander wrote two weeks ago, “Despite all the fake media hysterics, keeping the ‘Trump and Putin rigged the election’ myth alive has nothing to do with facts. But it has everything to do with delegitimizing Trump’s stunning victory, keeping his administration off-balance and derailing his agenda.”

On that note, it’s all well and good to investigate, but the most important objective for U.S. intelligence is stopping the leaks that have plagued Trump’s first weeks in office. Intelligence leaks perpetrated by Obama’s deep state operatives are so far the only crime uncovered in any of this mess.

During the hearing, Comey also dismissed Trump’s foolish and distracting Twitter claims of wiretapping at Trump Tower. Comey stated that there is “no information that supports those tweets.” Comey added, “We have looked carefully inside the FBI” and there are no agents who have found anything to support Trump’s claim.

On Friday, the Justice Department provided documents to Congress, which, according to several high-ranking members of the House Intelligence Committee, offered no proof that Obama had ordered wiretaps of Trump Tower.

As if Obama would be so careless as to get caught ordering the Code Red.

We still wonder if this isn’t a case of innocence on a technicality — that Trump’s wording was too specific and just wrong enough to provide an escape hatch.

Unfortunately, despite providing no proof of his claims, Trump continued to make noise on Twitter and even added more fuel to the fire late last week when he accused the British of being involved with the alleged surveillance on his campaign. He even attempted to joke with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, saying, “As far as wiretapping, I guess by this past administration, at least we have something in common.” Trump was referring to reports that Obama’s National Security Administration had tapped Merkel’s phone in 2010. Merkel wasn’t the least bit amused.

Unfortunately, Trump’s wiretapping claims served only to derail his own momentum after his well-received address to a joint session of Congress. That sort of self-inflicted wound is going to be a recurring theme with this president.

But it’s not all bad news for Trump. As National Review’s David French points out, the confirmation by Comey that the FBI is conducting an investigation into possible links between Russia and the Trump campaign is good news for three reasons:

“First, by making this announcement, the FBI has ended months of sometimes-irresponsible speculation about its activities. Second, the FBI is informing America that it is doing its job.” We should want the FBI to investigate thoroughly into whether a foreign government interfered with a presidential election and we should want them to follow all of the evidence.

“Third,” French adds, “since the Trump administration’s DOJ authorized this announcement, it is a sign to all Americans that the system is still working as intended.”

Whether it’s Russian meddling or Obama’s hacking or deep state leaking, what most Americans want to know is the truth. Right now, many people don’t know who to believe or trust, other than to view with intense skepticism the Leftmedia and career bureaucrats deep within the bowels of our own government. As it stands, we’ve got nothing but Trump and Democrats yelling “wolf!” at each other. Hopefully the FBI, DOJ and intelligence community will find out the truth, plug the leaks, and move forward.

Oh, and by the way, instead of Trump focusing on promoting his nominee to the Supreme Court — the whole reason most people voted for him — he’s fending off bad news about phony wiretapping claims and foreign election interference. The reality TV star has lost control of the script.