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Transgender High Schooler Will Now Wrestle Against Boys

The continuing tale of a Texas wrestler.

Culture Beat · Mar. 29, 2017

Mack Beggs, the Texas girl who wants to be a boy, will get her wish to wrestle in a boys’ league. This may be a win for Social Justice Warriors and their demands for acceptance of everything insane, but it’s a loss for both of the sexes as important gender distinctions which contribute to the betterment of society continue to be further eroded. USA Wrestling chose to eagerly jump on the tran-wagon making the following rule change: “Those who transition from female to male shall only be eligible to compete in the male category without restriction.” This includes contacting Beggs to help her wrestle in their spring and summer season.

Yet Beggs may be forced to return to wrestling girls in the fall as her high school currently follows Texas’ University Interscholastic League (UIL) rules. Despite activist pressure, the UIL has yet to change any rules, stating only that they would consider revising the rules. Of course, unless those rules are changed to accept transgenders, then the UIL can only expect even more pressure from the Rainbow Mafia.

Honestly, it was ridiculous that Beggs was allowed to compete with girls in the first place, due to her testosterone use which effectively is a performance-enhancing drug. Is it any wonder many parents were upset by what can only be described as legalized cheating? The gender-blending myth will not create a more just society, but a more confused and ultimately more dangerous one.

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