The Patriot Post® · Media Attacks Pence for Cautious Interaction With Women

By Thomas Gallatin ·

Vice President Mike Pence is a man of deeply held Christian convictions, which makes him a target of the Left. Pence is also a man who understands both human nature and the world of politics. For the Leftmedia, Donald Trump is an easy target to criticize with his off-the-cuff and hyperbolically styled Twitter comments geared for reaching the common man, not the Beltway establishment. But for the Left, Pence proves to be an entirely different challenge.

Pence is both careful in his speech and actions. He is a committed conservative with a distinguished, scandal-free record. As a former U.S. congressman and governor of Indiana, he knows Washington well, from both the inside and the outside. Because of this, Pence arguably scares Democrats and the Leftmedia more than Trump does.

What does the Left do when its afraid? Like a cornered animal it attacks. On Friday, Vox published a story by Joanna Grossman accusing Pence of violating Title VII laws against sex discrimination. Grossman based her spurious allegation on Pence’s personal rule of not dining one-on-one with a woman who is not his wife. Stop the presses! Oh, the humanity! Sound the “scandal” alarm!

Or, to put it in The Babylon Bee’s satire parlance, “Bill Clinton Calls Mike Pence’s Strict Marital Practices ‘Excessive.’”

Grossman, an employment lawyer, first misconstrued the vice president’s personal decisions as somehow being motivated by a desire to discriminate against women. Therefore, she declared it “illegal” and concluded with this convoluted statement: “We have a president who brags about grabbing women by the pussy — and a vice president who won’t even have dinner with them. These are two sides of the same coin, both reflecting the fundamentally unequal sphere working women inhabit because of male behavior.”

Call us crazy, but we’re pretty certain that the vast majority of married women would not find it appropriate for their husbands to regularly dine out one-on-one with other women. It’s not Pence who is out of touch with American values, it’s the Leftmedia.