The Patriot Post® · Visualizing Sanctuary County Lawlessness

By Political Editors ·

A visual representation from Newsweek depicts the number of illegal immigrants whom ICE cannot apprehend because the blue counties in which they reside offer sanctuary. The southern half of California sticks out like a sore thumb. The number of “declined detainers” reaches as high as 1,049 in Ventura to 1,492 in Los Angeles to 1,856 in Santa Clara. Numerous other counties reach well into the hundreds. Elsewhere in the U.S., Cook, IL, is defying 466 detainer requests, which blossoms to 771 in Miami-Dade, FL.

As the map shows, the majority of the nation abides by the rules, which means they don’t have to worry about DOJ grant withholdings. Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently announced his intention to sanction liberal strongholds that willfully shield dangerous illegal immigrants despite what immigration law states. This map shows the areas most likely to face major financial repercussions for putting a foolish agenda ahead of Rule of Law. One has to wonder how long they can hold out.