The Patriot Post® · Hillary Blames 'Misogyny' ... Without Evidence

By Thomas Gallatin ·

Unchecked arrogance and pride will often lead to a state of self-delusion wherein an individual associates all instances of personal failure to uncontrolled outside forces and abrogates any honest self-assessment, self-criticism and self-correction. It’s seemingly always somebody else’s fault. Hillary Clinton appears to be severely caught up in her own world of delusions.

On Thursday, Hillary gave an interview at the Women in the World Summit in New York. During her on-stage interview she responded to questions regarding her election loss. Her responses belied that fact that she has yet to admit that she simply was a terribly flawed candidate who offered Americans no meaningful change from Barack Obama’s dismal tenure.

When the interviewer raised the notion that misogyny played a role in Donald Trump’s election, Clinton responded, “You know in any campaign there’s so many different cross-currents and events and some have greater impact than others. … But it is fair to say … certainly, misogyny played a role. I mean that just has to be admitted.” Really? On what basis does Hillary make this assertion? She offered no supportive evidence for the claim. And then she attempted to explain the reason that a majority of white women had voted for Donald Trump was due to a fear of change. Again she offered no to evidence to support this claim.

But it wasn’t only that half of Americans are “deplorable” misogynists, Clinton also found both Russian campaign interference and FBI Director James Comey as significant targets to blame as well. On Russia, Hillary opined, “[The Russians] were successful in influencing voters — that’s different from interference with the actual voting machines and for a while, there was confusion about that. A lot of people said, ‘Can you prove that people interfered with the machines?’ That’s something, put that to one side, although, you know, there are people who pursue that, but put that to one side. It was really the weaponization of information.”

Here Hillary embraces the Leftmedia’s Russian collusion narrative and even attempts to feed the notion that Russian President Vladimir Putin was anti-woman. Clinton states, “People have asked me, ‘Why do you think he did that to you?’ I don’t think it’s that complicated. He had his desire to destabilize us and … you know, he’s not exactly fond of strong women.”

Hillary also found time to blame the “Comey letter on October 28” and WikiLeaks. Once again, Clinton avoids any mention for the reason the FBI was investigating her — because she used a private email server and sent and received classified emails on it. On this subject she consistently lied to the American people. No, that couldn’t have been the reason so many Americans voted against her. Rather it must have been that most of America is full of misogynists who are simply too stupid to know who the better candidate was. No wonder she lost.