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America's Growing 'Gun Gap'

While most gun owners still vote Republican, a new study finds that a decreasing number of them are voting Democrat.

Thomas Gallatin · May 10, 2017

A new study out of the University of Kansas confirms what many have anecdotally known — a majority of gun owners vote Republican. What may be news, however, is the growing “gun gap.” That term is a reference to the disparity in the percentage of gun owners who identify with either Democrat or Republican parties. The study found that while the percentage of gun owners who vote Republican since 1973 has remained relatively constant, the number of gun owners voting Democrat has dropped significantly.

Over the last three presidential elections the gap has grown, with the highest disparity seen in 2012 — a 30 percentage-point difference. And for three consecutive presidential elections the Republican candidate has seen the percentage of gun owner votes garnered steadily increase, with 62% of gun owners voting for Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, gun ownership among Democrats and Independents has been steadily dropping, primarily due to leftists’ campaign to negatively stigmatize gun ownership, as well as their outright demonization of those, such as the NRA, who fight to protect Americans’ Second Amendment rights.

However, as lawlessness and crime increase, especially in large Democrat-run urban poverty plantations, more individuals will appreciate the wisdom of the Founding Fathers in recognizing the right of every citizen to have the power to arm and protect themselves against threats, whether it be from criminals or tyrants. In fact, firearms instructors around the country are reporting an increase in the number of black women seeking firearms training for self-defense. That notwithstanding, so long as Democrats continue to fight against Second Amendment rights, one can expect to see the gun gap only increase.

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