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May 11, 2017

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Tony Perkins: “Scientists have found 1,559 genetic differences between boys and girls — but try telling that to Oregon officials! The radicals in the Beaver State are doing everything they can to gloss over those distinctions in their latest push to wipe gender off drivers’ licenses. In what ought to make every American shake their head, Transgender Oregonians are lobbying for the change, which would let residents identify as ‘nonbinary’ (neither male nor female) on their most significant form of identification. Yesterday, state leaders hosted a public hearing on the idea, which would let people choose between three options: M, F, and X. Amazingly, in every mainstream article about the proposal, not one person brought up the obvious — which is that this isn’t about sensitivity; it’s about safety. It’s fine if you’re a kid playing make-believe, but if you’re a society in the age of terrorism, security, not to mention reality, should be the top consideration. Drivers’ licenses are meant to be the most dependable form of ID that our country offers. How can the people working to keep us safe do so when a possible suspect could be described as either a man or a woman — or neither — depending on how they feel at that particular time? … But by letting people create their own realities, they’re losing their grip on their own.”

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