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Poll Shows Americans Becoming Socially Liberal

Americans have moved to the left on social issues, especially in their views on sexuality and marriage.

Culture Beat · May 12, 2017

America is becoming more socially liberal according to a recently released Gallup poll. On a list of “morally” related values, the poll shows a significant shift to the left on many of the issues since Gallup first began conducting this survey in 2001. In fact, of the 19 values listed, not a single one shows movement toward traditional conservative values. Everything is trending liberal/libertarian.

Those value issues that have seen the greatest leftward movement are those dealing with views on sexuality and marriage. Rapidly shifting cultural attitudes on these questions aren’t surprising given how hard the leftist thought police work to ensure the hive mind. What is interesting is how little movement has been seen regarding the issue of abortion. It has remained pretty much constant, with 42% favoring it in 2001, and 43% today.

While this poll is honestly disheartening, especially when considering what this holds for nation’s future, it’s helpful in effectively displaying just how pervasive has been the impact of postmodernist ideology upon American culture. When the concept of absolute truth dies, those values based upon those standards quickly collapse, and pretty soon people have a difficult time distinguishing right from wrong or good from evil.

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