The Patriot Post® · Wednesday Short Cuts

Insight: “We must abandon the prevalent belief in the superior wisdom of the ignorant.” —Daniel Boorstin (1914-2004)

For the record: “Modern feminism is less concerned with giving women a choice than in telling them which choices to make.” —David French

Upright: “Somebody is selectively leaking information and facts, and there’s a reason it’s selective; it’s because they’re trying to create … a narrative or a problem.” —Sean Spicer

The bottom line: “It is not breaking news that an adversary of the United States — Russia — tried to cause trouble for us by meddling in our elections. What is new and dangerous is that there are partisans in our intelligence agencies who are trying to destroy the duly elected president. They and their big media allies are doing far more to damage the U.S. than the Russians could have ever dreamed of.” —Gary Bauer

Hyperbole: “I was in the Nixon administration as you know and I thought, after watching the Clinton impeachment, I thought that I would never see another one. But I think we’re in impeachment territory now for the first time.” —CNN political commentator David Gergen

Braying Jenny: “There is so much evidence — I myself do not think that the Attorney General [Jeff Sessions] should be the attorney general. He’s already violated the recusal.” —Nancy Pelosi

Friendly fire: “Democrats are doing this in collusion with the media obviously, because they just want to create chaos. They want to completely obliterate any sense that the Trump administration is making any progress on anything.” —lefty Camille Paglia

Late-night humor: “American Airlines says it’s getting rid of seat-back TV screens, because most people bring a device with them. While United’s doing the same thing on their flights, because most people just watch the live entertainment.” —Jimmy Fallon