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MSM Fake News Devalues Your Net Worth

The stock market dropped on Washington turmoil that the media, not Trump, created and fomented.

Nate Jackson · May 18, 2017

Not only have the Leftmedia succeeded in using distraction to derail Donald Trump’s appointments and legislative agenda, but they’re costing you, the American worker, money. How so? The Dow Jones saw its biggest drop yesterday since September — 373 points, or 1.8%. Given that more than half of Americans own stocks of one sort or another — whether its 401ks, IRAs, pension plans, or pure stock holdings — many of us took a hit.

We blame the media for making mountains out of molehills. They, of course, blame Trump. “Dow has worst day in 8 months as Trump drama rattles market,” CNN blared. “Trump storm strikes global stocks again,” Reuters fretted. And our old friends at the Washington Post, who got this latest melodrama off the ground, headlined, “Turmoil over recent Trump controversies triggers the Dow’s biggest loss since September.”

Trump didn’t start this. He hasn’t necessarily handled it well, but there’s no “there” there — it’s all Leftmedia smoke and mirrors meant to derail his agenda. So just remember when you check your investments today and see that you’ve lost money, you can thank The Washington Post, not Donald Trump.

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