The Patriot Post® · Students Walk Out on Pence's Free Speech Address

By Political Editors ·

Vice President and former Indiana Gov. Mike Pence gave the commencement address at Notre Dame Sunday. And as planned, a few dozen students walked out of his speech — some reports say 150 participants, but only about half of those were students. In a graduation ceremony for 3,000, these rainbow-clad agitators certainly did not represent even a plurality, and notably, they were resoundingly booed as they exited.

A few observations:

  1. Thank you for minimally disrupting the once-in-a-lifetime ceremony for others. At least you just left rather than heckle and boo as others of your ilk have done in other commencement ceremonies.

  2. Employers, take note of those who walked out. They will be the dissenters, the whiners, the ones who demand more pay for no more work — those who are malcontents in the workplace because they’re malcontents in life. Conversely, what a fantastic opportunity for the young adults who are grounded and disciplined. You will be the leaders of America’s future. The others won’t be able to cope.

  3. Ironically, the VP spoke about the “waning” free speech and civility on college and university campuses, where open debate and thought should be exalted, yet the indoctrination of the Left teaches that if you don’t agree, seek your #SafeSpace.

“If the emanations of free speech were charted on a map like infrared heat signatures, one would hope that universities would be the hottest places, red and purple with dispute not dark blue and white, frozen into cant, orthodoxy, and intellectual stasis,” Pence said. “Far too many campuses across America have become characterized by speech codes, safe zones, tone policing, administration sanctioned political correctness — all of which amounts to nothing less than suppression of the freedom of speech.”

In spite of the protest, Pence had warm words for the school he addressed: “Notre Dame is an exception, an island in a sea of conformity so far spared from the noxious wave that seems to be rushing over much of academia.” Let’s hope the graduates take that to heart. We know the protesters didn’t.