The Patriot Post® · Trump's Budget Would Slash EPA Funding

By Political Editors ·

Tuesday’s release of Donald Trump’s proposals for the budget revealed that, should it be enacted, it would significantly cut certain federal government spending by the tune of $3.6 trillion over a 10-year period. One of the government agencies most impacted by Trump’s budget is the Environmental Protection Agency. The proposal would trim the EPA’s funding by $5.65 billion or more than 31%.

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt states, “This budget supports EPA’s highest priorities with federal funding for priority work in infrastructure, air and water quality and ensuring the safety of chemicals in the market place.” What a concept — that a government agency’s role should be limited to its designed function.

While Democrats and the Left have come out with their usual allegations that Republicans want dirty water and polluted air, Pruitt pushed back, saying, “By looking ahead and focusing on clean water, clean air and other core responsibilities rather than activities that are not required by law, EPA will be able to effectively achieve its mission.” That would be protecting the environment, not running your life.