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The Threat to Britain Keeps Escalating

UK raises its threat level to critical, while Europe continues to reel from the all too common problem of radical Islamic terror.

National Security Desk · May 24, 2017

British Prime Minister Theresa May addressed her nation on Tuesday and announced that she was raising the terrorism threat level from “severe” to “critical.” She explained that her decision was based on information from the intelligence community regarding knowledge of a potential impending attack.

As is usually the case with these atrocities, it has become increasing clear that the jihadi responsible for this latest suicide bombing attack in Manchester was not a so-called “lone wolf” but a “known wolf” acting according to the worldwide hateful ideology of radical Islam. UK authorities are currently tracking 3,500 Islamist “known wolves” — this in a country whose population is 65 million. Belgium, a country of only 12 million, is currently tracking at about 18,000. Why the significant discrepancy in ratios? Easy answer – because of different immigration and border polices – Belgium having among the laxest immigration policies in Europe.

The sad and frustrating thing is that Europe has become increasingly tolerant of these terror attacks, or at least their leaders have. One wonders how devastating an attack would have to be to prompt decisive action to eradicate the threat posed by radical Islam. Across Europe this year alone 45 have been murdered and hundreds have been injured by terrorist attacks. While the people suffer, their leaders continue to placate an ideology predicated on hatred.

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