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Manchester Morons United

A couple of leftists provide all the wrong perspective about the gruesome atrocity in Great Britain Monday.

Culture Beat · May 24, 2017

After any vicious and deadly attack, leftists almost always point to a perpetrator or a reason that’s totally irrelevant. When it’s a mass shooting, guns are to blame. When it’s radical Islamist terror, any other excuse but that one will do. Monday night’s attack in Manchester was no different. The 22 dead at Ariana Grande’s concert were all mostly women, which evidently provided some leftists with the “real” reason.

Christina Cauterucci of the leftist rag Slate opined, “They targeted fans of an artist whose global brand is one of blissful, unsubdued feminine sexuality. Grande has long been the target of sexist rhetoric that has deemed her culpable for any sexual objectification or animosity that’s come her way. Her songs and wardrobe are sexy, yet she’s maintained a coy, youthful persona; the combination has led some haters to argue that she’s made her fortune by making people want to have sex with her, so whatever related harm befalls her is entirely her fault. … If the Manchester bombing was an act of terrorism, its venue indicates that the attack was designed to terrorize young girls who idolize Grande’s image.”

Meanwhile, Katy Perry, fellow starlet to Ariana “I hate America” Grande, mused, “I think the greatest thing we can do is just unite, and love on each other — no barriers, no borders, we all need to just coexist.”

How absurd. National Review’s Jim Geraghty puts this in perspective:

If there were 20,000 people around the bomb as it detonated this week, 19,999 of them had no real significant conflict with each other. Whatever gripes, grievances, and problems they had, they had no murderous rage directed at another person. They just were there to either enjoy a concert or do their jobs at the venue.

There was only one guy in that whole crowd who couldn’t unite, who didn’t have love for anyone, and who couldn’t coexist with everyone else around him. And all it took was his bloodthirsty act to end young, innocent lives and create a lifetime of pain for so many people there that night.

When the very real threat of radical Islamist terrorism is escalating in Great Britain, the foolish and misguided sentiments of Cauterucci and Perry are better rebuked than heeded.

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