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College Prevents Students From Distributing U.S. Constitution

The administration discriminates against students' constitutional rights in the guise of preventing "discrimination" against minorities.

Culture Beat · Jun. 3, 2017

As American colleges and universities have embraced leftist ideology those values of liberalism so often espoused by these institutions have died and have given way to an ever-increasing tyranny of “social justice.” The latest instance of leftist intolerance comes from Bunker Hill Community College, where students were prevented from handing out copies of the U.S. Constitution. The school administration justified its action based on polices contained within its student handbook, which “prohibit[s] expressive activity on campus without advance permission and approval, restrict[s] the content of printed materials that may be distributed, and grant[s] unbridled discretion” to prevent discrimination against minority views. In other words, this public school’s administration has taken it upon themselves to determine which viewpoints students are allowed to express. The thought police.

The Alliance Defending Freedom, along with the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, sent the college essentially a cease and desist letter. It states in part, “Constitutionally protected freedom of speech doesn’t disappear as soon as students step on to a public college campus, which is supposed to be the very ‘marketplace of ideas.’ It’s ironic that the college is unconstitutionally prohibiting the distribution of the very document that protects the freedom of Americans to engage in free speech and to associate with one another to advance shared beliefs.”

The hiding, veiling and even prohibiting of constitutionally recognized and protected individual freedoms by leftists running these colleges and universities needs to be addressed. The freedom an individual has to promote those ideals he favors is the outworking of his right to free speech. To prevent or demand and individual capitulate to ideals by a statist authority is to do violence to an American citizen’s freedom.

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