The Patriot Post® · Trump to Ecofascists: You're Fired!

By Arnold Ahlert ·

As satisfying as President Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris agreement was, it pales in comparison to leftists’ reaction to it. The suppurating eruption from globalist elites, Hollywood glitterati, feckless politicians, media jackals and environmentalist jackboots is a wonder to behold.

German newspaper Berliner Kurier led the charge, embracing the Left’s latest “intellectual” tack, as in the use of four letter words they apparently believe deliver maximum impact. Hence the front page headline, “Earth to Trump: F*** you!” For the sake of “perspective” it should be noted the same paper once called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “insane” for using another “F” word — “Führer.”

The “Drop Dead” meme, first used in 1975 in response to President Gerald Ford’s refusal to give federal aid to New York City to spare it from bankruptcy, was revived as well. Democrat party hack Chuck Schumer voiced the charge, dutifully aped by “Drop Dead” headlines in the News Leader, the New York Daily News, and the Huffington Post.

In CNN’s “Trump to planet: Drop dead,” columnist David A. Andelman warned that “Trump now risks plunging America into the position of the lone bully in the lunchroom” — meaning Andelman remains totally oblivious to the army of leftist bullies in the same “lunchroom.” Bullies who had no problem with Barack Obama bypassing the Senate by declaring the Paris deal an “agreement” instead of a treaty.

Moving downward, elitist billionaire and environmentalist “hero” Tom Steyer called the withdrawal a “traitorous act of war.” That would be the same Tom Steyer who once owned Farallon Capital Management, a firm heavily invested in coal.

Perhaps there’s a statute of limitations on “treason.”

By contrast, rank hypocrisy seems eternal, and no one does it better than limousine-riding, private jet flying, mansion-owning, greenhouse gas-spewing celebrities whose “do as I say, not as I do” sanctimony is the stuff of legend. Trump will have the “death of whole nations on his hands,” Mark Ruffalo warned. “Today, our planet suffered,” moaned Leonardo DiCaprio. “Trump is having the U.S. pull out of the Paris Climate Accord. Too bad someone didn’t tell his father that he shoulda pulled out, too,” chirped Star Trek has-been George Takei. “Trump just committed a crime against humanity,” huffed Michael Moore. “There has never in US history been such a destructive megalomaniac in the WH,” tweeted Bette Midler. And the ever colorful Cher was at her “intellectual” best, warning “ppl” of the world that there are “‘MILLIONS'OfUs” being held “Hostage By Insane DICTATOR!”

More like insane media. CNN host Fareed Zakaria called Thursday “the day that the United States resigned as the leader of the free world.” CBS trotted out Obama and his standard spiel that those who reject progressive ideology “reject the future.” NBC went with uber climate “prognosticator” Al Gore, who insisted the withdrawal “is a reckless and indefensible action that undermines America’s standing in the world and threatens to damage humanity’s ability to solve the climate crisis in time.” Apparently the reality that Gore’s doomsday predictions have been spectacularly wrong doesn’t negate his status as the media’s go-to-guy on climate change.

And the always “even-handed” New York Times published a column entitled “Donald Trump Poisons the World” in which “conservative” columnist David Brooks excoriates Trump and his associates for their insufficiently “Kumbaya” approach to world affairs.

Politicians? California Gov. Jerry Brown called the withdrawal an “Insane Move by a Made by Deviant.” Hillary Clinton called it a “historic mistake.” Australian MP Adam Bandt labeled Trump a “climate criminal” who should become a “world pariah,” and Sen. Tom Kaine (D-VA) insisted Trump’s presidency “is all destruction & no accomplishments.” German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French president Emmanuel Macron and Italian prime minister Paolo Gentiloni deemed exiting the Paris agreement “irreversible” and “non-negotiable,” immediately undercutting Trump’s promise to revamp the deal on terms more favorable to America. New York City bathed landmarks in green, and Mayor Bill De Blasio promised a power grab to “honor the goals” of the agreement — goals that apparently don’t include wasting power on specious symbolism. DeBlasio was joined by a group called The Climate Mayors as well as politicians in 30 states who promised to defy Trump and pursue their own green agendas.

And the inimitable Nancy Pelosi accused Trump of “dishonoring” God.

The environmentalists were led by Greenpeace and Spanish director Mario Rodriguez. “Resistance will be maintained because the United States is much more than just the White House and Trump,” he stated. And since no leftist outburst is complete without accusations of racism, the ACLU National called the withdrawal a “massive step back for racial justice, and an assault on communities of color across the U.S.”

Ecofascists are consoling themselves with polls. “Most Americans support government regulation to fight climate change,” The Washington Post headline informs us. If that’s true, the propaganda has worked. The only thing left is to beat Trump-supporting Neanderthals into submission.

There is a method to the progressive madness, but it has nothing to do with environmentalism. “Under Paris, as Trump noted, the United States would’ve had to close all its coal plants, even as China builds hundreds more — and coal still generates a third of US electricity,” the New York Post explains.

Other equally contemptible realities intrude. Like the fact that the agreement is non-binding, or that a developing world responsible for four-fifths of greenhouse gas emissions can remain on their growth trajectory, or that the “Intended Nationally Determined Contribution” (INDC)“ to the plan each country is expected to furnish has no objective standards regarding emission reductions.

These and other equally fraudulent assertions produced a rare moment of candor from the New York Times. In 2014, the paper revealed, "The driving force behind the new deal was not the threat of sanctions or other legal consequences. It was global peer pressure.”

Make that incredibly costly peer pressure, best described by the Heritage Foundation as a job- and manufacturing-killing boondoggle that would engender a $2.5 trillion hit on America’s GDP by the year 2035. And a report by The Competitive Enterprise Institute noted that “the United States cannot comply with the Paris Agreement and pursue a pro-growth energy agenda,” because it “would destroy U.S. manufacturing’s energy price edge.”

All for what? MIT’s Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change calculated a 0.2 degrees Celsius reduction — by 2100. Danish economist Bjorn Lomborg makes it .036 Fahrenheit by 2100 — at a cost of $1 trillion a year. Neither number comes close to addressing what the alarmists insist is necessary, and both depend on virtually every country in the agreement living up to undefined promises.

In other words, the Paris agreement is an utter fraud, one underscored by the reality that the United States has contributed $1 billion to the Green Climate Fund, while China, India and Russia have contributed nothing. It is a pact designed by democracy-crushing, national sovereignty-despising progressive elites determined to put “exceptional” America in an unexceptional place.

Instead, globalists and their New World Order dreams have been dealt a serious blow by the man they hold in contempt for, as he put it, representing the citizens of “Pittsburgh, not Paris” — exactly as he promised to do.

America will continue finding innovative ways to be environmentally responsible, minus the yoke ecofascists sought to strap on our neck. Much to their amazement, President Trump just “fired” all of them.

It couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch.