The Patriot Post® · Did CNN Stage Muslims Protesting Terrorism?

By Political Editors ·

An interesting video has come to light which appears to show a CNN news crew involved in staging a backdrop of Muslim protesters holding up anti-terrorism signs with the headers #TURNTOLOVE for an on-the-scene news segment. The setting for the footage was a street in London’s Borough neighborhood. A London-based citizen journalist Mark Antro captured the footage in question and claimed that he witnessed a BBC news crew in the area try to catch the scene only to be shooed away by the CNN crew.

Is this yet another example of CNN engaging in a fake news propaganda piece? Naturally, CNN responded to the criticism by denying that it was staged. “This is nonsense,” the network said. “Police let demonstrators through the cordon to show their signs. CNN along with other media simply filmed them doing so.” However, in the CNN report in which the protesters were shown, no mention is made of them having been brought in to show their signs. The implication is that the viewer is simply witnessing an impromptu actual protest.

Below are two videos from the event in question. Judge for yourself whether or not CNN has engaged in a bit of propaganda in order to promote a politically tainted perspective.

Footage captured by Mark Antro:

CNN’s aired footage: