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SCOTUS to Rule on First Amendment Cake Baker's Case

After years of putting it off the Supreme Court will finally rule on the legality of anti-discrimination laws vs. religious liberty.

Thomas Gallatin · Jun. 26, 2017

On Monday the Supreme Court announced that it will take up the case of a Christian baker who refused to provide a wedding cake for a same-sex wedding ceremony. In the case of Masterpiece Bakeshop Ltd. v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, the Court will rule on whether the baker did indeed violate the state’s anti-discrimination laws or whether the laws violate the First Amendment protections to both freedom of speech and freedom of religion. The Court had previously avoided ruling on similar cases, but as more states have passed anti-discrimination laws the number of similar cases has only increased. It’s clear that the Supreme Court must finally rule on this issue.

Either way, a ruling is certain to have massive legal and cultural implications, and it may prove to be a landmark ruling similar to that of Roe v. Wade, with the ramifications being felt long into the future. Many conservative Christians fear a major loss of religious freedom should the lower court rulings be upheld. What may make ruling in favor of the anti-discrimination laws more probable is the fact that the Supreme Court has already ruled for same-sex marriage to be recognized as equal and legitimate and lawfully binding in every state.

Then again, the fact that the primary issue is concern over freedom of speech and freedom of religion, two of the most fundamental rights recognized by the Constitution, there is hope for the restoration and protection of American Liberty.

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