The Patriot Post® · San Fran Rewards Illegals; GOP Protects Americans

By Thomas Gallatin ·

On Thursday, House Republicans along with 24 Democrats passed what has been popularly referred to as Kate’s Law, in memory of Kate Steinle, the young woman who was murdered in San Francisco by a five-time deported illegal alien with a criminal record. The law increases penalties on illegal aliens who illegally re-enter the country, including mandatory prison sentences.

Meanwhile, the taxpayers in San Francisco will be paying out a $190,000 legal settlement to an illegal alien. The illegal’s lawyer successfully argued that based on San Francisco’s official sanctuary city policy, the police violated the man’s rights by alerting Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to his whereabouts. Documentation showed that the man had served two days in jail for a DUI in 2012 and had received a deportation order back in 2005.

Back in DC, House Speaker Paul Ryan touted the importance of passing Kate’s Law. He highlighted the obvious hypocrisy of Left and their twisted notion of justice, stating, “San Francisco is a so-called sanctuary city. But this sanctuary city was not a sanctuary at all — not for Kate it wasn’t.”

Also on Thursday the House passed a bill that denies federal funds to any municipality that enacts sanctuary city policies. The bill also includes a provision that requires ICE to take custody of any illegal alien who commits a crime resulting in the death or serious injury of a victim.

Hours before the House voted on these two bills, Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly spoke to members of Congress and expressed his frustration with certain unnamed lawmakers. Kelly said that he was “offended” at certain members who had “often threatened me and my officers” for simply doing their jobs enforcing the laws of the land. He bluntly asserted that these lawmakers needed to “shut up” instead of criticizing him and his staff for enforcing laws that lawmakers themselves had written.

Finally, in a creative twist, Sen. Luther Strange (R-AL) proposed tackling the problem of funding the border wall by transferring federal funds from sanctuary cities to the border wall budget. This way, sanctuary cities can still contribute to controlling the problem of illegal immigration. Sounds like a winning proposition.