The Patriot Post® · Soros Joins the Anti-Election Integrity Crusade

By Jordan Candler ·

For the time being, Donald Trump’s Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity will cease gathering voter information pending a judicial ruling. The Electronic Privacy Information Center recently petitioned for a temporary restraining order (TRO), and a decision should be issued in short order. In the meantime, “the Commission … sent the states a … communication requesting the states not submit any data until this Court rules on plaintiff’s TRO motion,” according to a legal briefing. This is the latest development in The Resistance’s attempt to foil Trump’s voter fraud probe.

So what exactly is the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC)? It’s anything but neutral. In fact, its tentacles are attached to a devious fascist named George Soros, whose billions of dollars go toward bankrolling various leftist grievance industries (like Black Lives Matter). Over at PoliZette, Margaret Menge reveals that EPIC, “like many others fighting to stop the release and review of voter roll data, is funded by George Soros through his Open Society Foundations.” She goes on to note, “The Open Society Foundations have a $940 million budget and a staff of 1,600 with 47 offices in 42 countries.” Suffice to say, every staff member is tasked with promoting the socialist and anti-American agenda of Soros.

After all, if voter fraud is non-existent, why else would leftists keep obfuscating? The Heritage Foundation’s John G. Malcolm and Jason Snead make this point in The Daily Signal, where they write, “If voter fraud were as rare as the left contends, and if adequate procedures are in place to prevent it from occurring, you would think those who make this argument would be anxious to provide the data that would serve to verify their assertions. Could it be that they fear the data would refute their claims?”

The fact is, they continue, “The Heritage Foundation’s Voter Fraud Database has thus far tallied 848 documented criminal convictions in voter fraud cases spanning 47 states, with new cases being uncovered every week.” Yet Gov. Andrew Cuomo says, “New York refuses to perpetuate the myth voter fraud played a role in our election.” It’s anything but a myth. That’s why Soros, like Cuomo and other cohorts, wants to keep the ugly reality of voter fraud under wraps. Let’s hope the judge accepts this reality.