The Patriot Post® · Trudeau's Treacherous Terrorist Payout

By Nate Jackson ·

“The measure of a society, of a just society, is not whether we stand up for people’s rights when it’s easy or popular to do so, it’s whether we recognize rights when it’s difficult, when it’s unpopular.” It was with that page taken right out of Barack Obama’s failed terrorism policy legacy that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau justified his official apology and payment of $8 million ($10 million Canadian) to a former Guantanamo Bay inmate.

In 2002, then-15-year-old Omar Khadr, a Canadian-born jihadi in Afghanistan, tossed a grenade in a firefight that killed U.S. Army Sgt. 1st Class Christopher Speer, a special forces medic, and partially blinded Sgt. First Class Layne Morris. The ensuing saga of interrogation, confession, Gitmo incarceration and legal battles is a long one, but let’s just say Khadr has not yet paid for his deeds. Now he’s being paid by a leftist with apparent contempt for his own nation and America too.

Trudeau’s treachery isn’t limited to a simple apology and massive payout. Morris and Speer’s family had just won a $134 million settlement against Khadr in Utah, but Trudeau’s government rushed the payment to Khadr so as to both subvert the Utah ruling and undermine any appeal by the Speer family.

Peter Kent, a member of the Canadian Parliament, minced no words, writing in The Wall Street Journal, “Mr. Trudeau’s actions are an affront to the memory of Christopher Speer, to Tabitha Speer and her children, to Layne Morris, to our U.S. allies, and to all men and women in uniform. This payout was a cynical subversion of Canadian principles. Mr. Trudeau made Omar Khadr a millionaire, and he didn’t have to.”

Shame on Justin Trudeau. He’s a pathetic disgrace to his nation who’s dragged American Patriots through hell to score some cheap political points.