The Republican Party — Home to Conservatives and Patriots

Or at least it should be. It's time the GOP took note of its own platform and started working to unify the party.

Robin Smith · Jul. 31, 2017

After last week’s clown show in the U.S. Senate where senators who had previously voted for ObamaCare repeal couldn’t stand erect using the vertebral column God gave Homo sapiens, the evidence is again clear: There are elected members of the Republican Party that aren’t conservative or even really Republican.

In the world of snowflakes and cupcakes, however one “self-identifies” serves as one’s basis of reality. By contrast, in the authentic world of fact and function, there are certain truths that transcend emotion and one’s personal redefinitions.

In the world of rainbows, social justice warriors, unicorns and free stuff for all, if you say you’re an African-American, you are. Just ask Rachel Dolezal, whose attempt to deny her Caucasian genetics was nationally exposed. Just look at the LBGTQIA community — yeah, they added some new letters to their acronym for intersex and asexuality. Pathetically, gender and sexual “fluidity” flatly rejects chromosomal and biological science to fit the narrative of individuals who make personal choices. For the militant pro-abortion crowd, a living child in the mother’s womb has been reduced to a clump of cells that, if too big of a burden, is eliminated for “women’s health.”

In the realm of politics, the same “fluid” interpretation of partisan affiliation seems to rule once the campaign cycle ends. On the campaign trail, every single candidate with an “R” after their name is a conservative or, at minimum, a fiscal conservative. These Republicans-while-running have, for almost a decade, trumpeted their demand for a secure southern border and legal immigration, wholesale reform of the entire tax code to stop penalizing productivity and the worth of work, a repeal and replacement of ObamaCare, and to cut federal spending because our debt is nearing a national crisis.

But when it’s time to govern, which truly does require collaboration, these promises and, most importantly, the principles on which they’re based are deliberately ignored.

Let’s set the frame around the picture to better see this problem.

One may claim to be a Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu or whatever faith of choice. The actual determination as to one’s authenticity isn’t based solely on one’s self-proclamation, but, instead, by adherence to the teachings of the Bible, Torah, Koran, etc. and one’s daily practices in life. One may claim to be married. Yet the reality of this covenant is determined by vows exchanged, recognition by one’s state through a license and, yes, through the personal behavior and conduct of the two individuals involved.

Equally, one may claim to be a Republican, but how would that be proven?

Every four years, the Republican National Committee begins its presidential convention proceedings with weeks of work by the elected members of the group serving on the Platform Committee to establish a published document outlining the beliefs, the issue positions and policy proposals supported by the principles that serve as the foundation of the Grand Old Party.

For those who’ve never read any part of the GOP Platform, take this occasion to do so. It’s been a pretty conservative document with a constitutional thread running through the themes addressed.

Looking at the current 2016 Platform constructed during the weeks leading up to the convention officially recognizing Donald Trump as the GOP nominee for president, let’s just see what “Republicans” believe.

The Preamble declares, “With this platform, we the Republican Party reaffirm the principles that unite us in a common purpose.” Citing our nation’s founding documents and the value of our Constitution, the foundation is set upon Liberty, individual responsibility, limited government, federalism and the priority to guard these principles for generations to come. This section also notes the failures of the Obama administration, which took America in the wrong direction. The GOP called its platform “a handbook for returning decision-making to the people” and a “guide to the constitutional rights” of all Americans while bringing about “sustained growth” and opportunity for all.

The first section outlines “Restoring the American Dream” with specifics on tax reform and fairness, trade that is indeed free but also fair with a focus on American jobs, intellectual property and markets free of manipulated currency and manpower, along with strict debt reduction through spending restraint. America awaits the House and Senate to figure out how to put their plan together to match this platform of promises and those articulated for years on the campaign trail.

Much to the chagrin of some Republicans, the Rebirth of Constitutional Government is the refrain of the next section. Included are references to the God-given inalienable rights of each American observing the “Laws of Nature and Nature’s God.” Noting the role of a judiciary within its constitutional bounds, other principled arguments are outlined by the corresponding constitutional amendment, such as the defense of traditional marriage and the protection of religious liberties for the practice of one’s faith and speech; the protection of the right to bear arms for self-defense and personal protection; the right to life; the right to protect your private property; and the list goes on.

Most relevant to last week’s embarrassment in the Senate are found in the GOP Platform’s stances on health care: “Any honest agenda for improving healthcare must start with the repeal of the dishonestly named Affordable Care Act of 2010: Obamacare.” This text goes on to reflect the items just rejected last week by eliminating the individual and employer mandates, restoring power to the state through waivers, empowering patients with Health Savings Accounts and injecting competition through free markets, not government control.

There’s quite a difference between uniformity and unity. Few American voters are calling for uniformity as practiced by the political Left. Yet the unity and commitment to a set of proven principles that reflect prioritizing Americans and our great nation certainly is expected. In essence, stand for something!

Conservatives, it’s time to understand the GOP Platform and its value. It’s also time to understand it’s time to take our Grand Old Party back from a governing elite with no commitment to principles while pursuing partisan fluidity to remain the incumbency with power.

The Republican Party deserves to have its identity reclaimed as the home of conservatives and Patriots.

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