The Patriot Post® · Foisting Transgender Madness Onto Children

By Culture Beat ·

What is the problem with transgenderism? The fact that social justice warriors promote it as a normative state of human sexuality that simply does not exist. This is not to deny that individuals experiencing gender dysphoria have confused thoughts or feelings. What we deny is that those thoughts or feelings correctly define reality. As with any disorder, the problem is evidenced by a lack of cohesion with normative structure. For example, a type one diabetic suffers from a dysfunctional pancreas where the body’s normal processes for recognizing and producing the necessary insulin to regulate blood sugar levels cease to operate. The solution for the diabetic is not to proclaim that their body doesn’t produce insulin because it doesn’t need it, because doing so would lead to death. The solution is to alleviate the problem by injecting the insulin needed so as to regulate the condition.

Transgenderism, or the psychological condition known as gender dysphoria, has been rejected as a psychological problem by many, especially those on the Left. Instead they have chosen to reject scientific reality in favor of their politically correct fantasy world. And the Rainbow Mafia is actively calling for the culture at large to embrace this fantasy. The easiest to target for the promotion of this twisted ideology are the most impressionable among us, children.

The Associated Press ran a story entitled, “Wondering if your child is transgender? Here are some tips.” The article then relies on a “gender expert” who answers the title question by saying, “We don’t know.” However, gender expert Diane Ehrensaft then argues, “What we know is, you have a son who likes princess dresses. I would say get him the dresses. Have your child feel free to choose. Maybe they’ll stop wearing dresses. Maybe they’ll grow up to be gay.” In other words, don’t correct or instruct, just feed their delusion.

Imagine the following scenario. A concerned parent goes to a child psychologist for advice on getting their child to eat healthy. Parent: “My daughter only wants to eat candy and hot dogs. How do I get her to eat her fruits and vegetables?” Doctor: “Well, maybe she’s just not a fruit or vegetable person. Why don’t you just buy her lots of candy and hot dogs?” Parent: “But wouldn’t that make her fat and unhealthy?” Doctor: “Who are you to judge? Maybe that is the kind of person she is meant to become.”

If you’re tempted to believe that’s a ridiculous scenario, read the following advice from another of these “gender experts.” The AP quotes Dr. Johanna Olson-Kennedy, who suggests, “It can also help for parents to get away somewhere with their children and allow the child to call the shots in terms of their gender, such as letting them use a different pronoun or wear a dress or other clothing of their choice.” Olsen-Kennedy continued, “Do a weekend as a different gender, and see what you learn. People have said this over and over again: ‘Oh, my God. I saw a side of my child I had never seen before.”

Parents are encouraged to encourage children as young as two to “socially transition” to the opposite gender, and there’s even now a summer camp for kids as young as four. Let’s call this what it is: madness and child abuse.