The Patriot Post® · Harvey: History Repeats?

By Nate Jackson ·

George W. Bush Donald Trump completely botched the federal response to Hurricane Katrina Harvey, undermining confidence in the executive and permanently tarnishing his presidency. That’s the Leftmedia narrative already, and the hope for these leftist propagandists is clearly to hang Harvey around Trump’s neck the way they successfully did with Katrina and Bush in 2005. The fake news media falsely blamed Bush for failing in the response then, and subsequently continually referenced back to it the rest of his presidency so as to undermine him. Democrats swept the next two elections, taking control of Congress and the White House. If history can just repeat itself, Democrats hope…

Keep that in mind in the coming days as you see repeated human interest tales of individuals stranded amidst the rising flood waters, such as the elderly folks in a nursing home, or people without food or possessions, and so on. The media’s even running ACLU propaganda about border checkpoints as real news. The plight of citizens in Texas and Louisiana, where the storm is now hovering, is real and help will come, but the media will politicize the stories to blame Trump.

What was it Rahm Emanuel once said about “never letting a serious crisis go to waste”?

Funny, though, that all Barack Obama had to do was show up in New Jersey and hug Gov. Chris Christie after Superstorm Sandy, and he was a competent hero.

And if it’s not Trump, it’s the usual culprit — global warming climate change. Various Leftmedia outlets breathlessly relayed how much worse storms are because of climate change, though there are two key things to bear in mind. First, category 3, 4 and 5 storms have hit the U.S. for decades, and second, it’s been more than a decade since the last one. Not every natural disaster is a result of burning fossil fuels. There have been stronger storms than Harvey; it’s not like this particular storm’s strength is anything unprecedented. What is rare is how slow it is. Landfall occurred Friday night and it could impact the same areas for several more days, but that’s because of a lack of atmospheric steering winds.

As Mark Alexander put things in perspective after Katrina in 2005, “Amid all of this rancorous debate about who’s to blame and who will foot the bill, the plight of those on the Gulf Coast who actually lost family members, homes and businesses somehow gets lost. Those at ground level are not worrying about political agendas. They’re busy trying to provide for their families. Or perhaps they’re searching through the rubble, trying to find fragments of family heirlooms and photographs. It is for them that we continue to pray every day.”