The Patriot Post® · 15 States Sue Trump Over Rescinding DACA

By Political Editors ·

In America, we are witnessing a dangerous trend of elected leaders who spurn laws with which they disagree in favor of their own emotion-based “morals.” When Donald Trump rescinded Barack Obama’s unconstitutional Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) executive order, several elected officials on both sides of the aisle seemingly lost all objectivity on the Constitution’s designed separation of powers. Their arguments amounted to emotional agonizing over the situation for these “Dreamers,” while little perspective was offered as to how this whole problem was created. Honestly, for those members of Congress blaming Trump, their ire is misplaced. They should be blaming themselves for not passing legislation and Obama for unconstitutionally implementing a law they didn’t pass.

On Wednesday, attorneys general from 15 states filed a federal lawsuit against Trump over his DACA decision. While the merits of DACA may be debated, there is no debate as to the unconstitutional manner by which Obama declared it the law. Now that Trump has moved to correct Obama’s error, it’s laughable that these Democrat-controlled states are calling Trump’s action “unconstitutional.”

The lawsuit argues that Trump’s actions on DACA are “animus-driven,” unconstitutional and are driven by his desire “to punish and disparage people with Mexican roots.” In other words, their argument boils down to “Trump doesn’t like Mexicans, therefore its unconstitutional.” It’s ironic that these attorneys general who allegedly deal with issues of law and order on a daily basis are suing to maintain a “law” that was illegally created. They are undermining the very system they’re sworn to uphold, all to put Trump in check. They are assuming and promoting a double standard, but then again, what else is new?