The Patriot Post® · Dem IT Scandal Takes a Clintonesque Turn

By Jordan Candler ·

Democrats — particularly Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz — have stated rather unequivocally that the House IT scandal is just empty rhetoric. Yet the story continues to deepen and the questions grow larger with every new revelation. What has become clear is that Democrats, whether it be Hillary Clinton, Wasserman Schultz or possibly others, have mastered the art of using undisclosed servers to conceal inconvenient truths and back-channel shenanigans.

A new report reveals that extensive information involving 45 House Democrats was intercepted by Wasserman Schultz’s former IT assistant, Imran Awan — a Paskistani man who was indicted last month along with his co-conspirator wife, Hina Alvi — and stored inside a clandestine server. When Capitol Police suspected something nefarious was going on — beginning initially with a probe into erroneous purchase orders — they asked for a copy of the server’s data. But rather than provide an unadulterated copy, Awan instead handed over a fake replica to conceal whatever covert operation they had going on.

At that point, Capitol Police cut off Awan’s authorization to the House network. (Or did they?) However, the information on the server was also uploaded to Dropbox, which congressional rules stipulate cannot be used. Awan and Alvi currently face fraud charges, but, quite strangely, not for the reasons listed above.

Those charges stem ostensibly from their sending cash to Pakistan after their shenanigans were unveiled. (Recall that Alvi jetted off to Pakistan, and Awan nearly did too.) So what’s the holdup regarding charges for the far more serious allegations? One reason is probably related to the “victims” in the Democrat Party. Reports suggest the Pakistani duo — who, remember, also used Dropbox, meaning sensitive information may have been retrieved outside the House network — have leverage over lawmakers. If Democrats begin handing over evidence to investigators, there’s no telling what kind of ugly, damning, self-detrimental information will be unleashed.

There’s also the question of what kind of help Awan and Alvi may have had on the inside. We know Wasserman Schultz was disgraceful as former head of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), and she stunningly employed Awan for as long as she possibly could. Moreover, former congressman and House Democrat Caucus chairman Rep. Xavier Becerra has had dealings with the couple dating back as early as 2004. And according to an anonymous official, “They were using the House Democratic Caucus as their central service warehouse.” Amusingly, this same official rhetorically wondered, “Does it mean it was sold to the Russians? I don’t know.”

Don’t bet on it. Wasserman Schultz is clearly hiding something regarding her obsession with Awan, not to mention she colluded against Bernie Sanders in last year’s Democrat primary. So unless she wants to admit she colluded with the Russians, then there has to be another answer. Her resposne to the matter is alarmingly similar to the deplorable behavior shown by Hillary Clinton, who utilized her own private, unsecure server to quite literally cleanse her transgressions and bolster her political future. It all culminates into more evidence that 2016 election investigators are barking up the wrong tree.