DNC's Funding Slump

Year to date, Democrats have raised less than half that of Republicans. But it's a wider and deeper problem.

Political Editors · Sep. 25, 2017

Democrats have increasingly become the party of the extreme Left, even though they paint themselves as being mainstream centrists. Nowhere is this reality more evident than in the respective political parties’ fundraising numbers. Thus far this year the Republican National Committee has raised more than double that of the Democratic National Committee. The RNC sits at $93.3 million to the DNC’s $46.3 million. In the month of August, Democrats managed only $4.4 million to Republicans’ $7.3 million. On top of this, the Democrats are sitting on $4.1 million in debt; the RNC is debt free.

None of this news bodes well for the Democrats as they gear up for the midterm elections next year, and as the Republicans already boast quite the financial advantage to plunge into Senate races. And the dismal news for Democrats is that they will be defending nearly twice as many seats as the Republicans. They’d better pick up their fundraising efforts soon or be easily outspent next year. However, as always, the Democrats will have the mainstream media in their corner helping to freely promote their brand. Even if it is a brand severely tarnished and stuck on failed socialist ideas.

Democrats’ struggles have been going on for several election cycles now — they’re currently at their lowest point in a long time. As we noted in November, since Barack Obama took office in 2009, Democrats have lost a net total of 10 U.S. Senate seats, 63 House seats and 12 governorships, but also roughly 900 state legislative seats.“ Their bench is thin and their coffers are empty. We sense a theme as Americans reject the extreme leftism of not just the Democrat Party, but the NFL, ESPN and Hollywood.

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