Wednesday Short Cuts

"It is impossible to have a reasoned discussion ... when emotions, rather than facts, are the foundation for debate." —Sean Davis

Political Editors · Oct. 4, 2017

Village Idiots: “A group that enables such massacres, the National Rifle Association, is not branded for what it is: a terrorist organization. … It is time to end the National Rifle Association. And it is time to end the career of any political figure who made his way to the White House dog whistling to his Second Amendment people.” —Keith Olbermann

Braying Jenny: “The way the Republican Party has been captured by the NRA, which has intimidated a lot of Democrats … is one of the worst developments of the last 25 years. … This is beyond absurd. This is evil. This is nothing but pure, unadulterated greed motivated by people who want to sell as many guns as they can, to engage in a falsity of fear and rhetoric about why everybody has to have guns. And the evidence is just so clear that more guns do not make you safer.” —Hillary Clinton (Easy for her to say — she has Secret Service protection for life.)

Non-solution: “We should have a gun registration program. We should have a limitation on the maximum size and ammunition capacity for guns. Assault weapons should be off the streets, as they were for 10 years because of the legislation passed in ‘93 to '94.” —Hillary Clinton

Alpha Jackass: “The police say the shooter appeared to have acted alone. That’s not true. Every gun lobbyist and the politicians who do their bidding were all in that room with him. We have to make this stop and we can with courage and political will.” —California Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon

Non Compos Mentis: “He was only stopped finally because he did not have a silencer on his weapon. And the sound drew people to the place where he was ultimately stopped. Can you imagine what this would have been if he had silencers on these weapons?” —Sen. Tim Kaine (Listen in and decide for yourself.)

And last… “While the desire to prevent atrocities like the one committed in Las Vegas is both understandable and good, it is impossible to have a reasoned discussion on the best ways to prevent mass attacks when emotions, rather than facts, are the foundation for debate.” —Sean Davis

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