The Patriot Post® · Thursday Top Headlines


  • Trump meets with Las Vegas shooting survivors: “We’re going to pay our respects” (USA Today)

  • Democrats propose banning “bump stocks” like the ones used in Las Vegas shooting (Washington Examiner)

  • San Juan mayor feuding with Trump turned her back when asked to swear to uphold the Constitution (The Daily Signal)

  • Three Green Berets killed, two wounded in Niger ambush (Fox News)

  • DOD drops Southern Poverty Law Center from extremism training materials (The Daily Caller)

  • Burn. NYC mayor not invited to Columbus Day parade (Hot Air)

  • Black Lives Matter students shut down the ACLU’s campus free speech event because “liberalism is white supremacy” (Reason)

  • House committee approves $10 billion initial payment for U.S.-Mexico border wall (The Washington Times)

  • DACA amnesty to increase illegal population to 14 million, cost billions (Washington Examiner)

  • Federal debt increases for 60th straight fiscal year (CNS News)

  • IRS awards $7.25M fraud-prevention contract to Equifax despite failure to secure consumers’ data (Consumerist)

  • Policy: What the Founders really thought about guns (The Daily Signal)

  • Policy: Should Trump re-certify the Iran Deal? (Washington Examiner)