The Patriot Post® · Another ObamaCare Mandate Bites the Dust

By Nate Jackson ·

On Friday, President Donald Trump issued a long-awaited rule change that restores religious liberty and just plain common sense — he significantly reduced the burden of Barack Obama’s contraception mandate by allowing for many more companies and organizations to claim a “religious or moral objection” to the mandate. The ObamaCare mandate had been challenged and defeated in court by the Little Sister of the Poor, a charitable organization of nuns that was nonetheless required to purchase insurance providing birth control because Obama demanded such government control to appease his legions of rabid feminist supporters. Not only was Obama’s refusal to grant an exemption to the nuns absurd given the their occupation, but it’s a violation of Catholic doctrine and thus infringes on their religious liberty.

The ACLU immediately announced it would sue the Trump administration. And The Washington Post was apoplectic on behalf of outraged feminists everywhere, with an email news alert headline screaming, “Trump administration issues rule narrowing women’s access to birth-control coverage under the Affordable Care Act.” Of course Trump’s order does no such thing; instead it restores religious liberty and Rule of Law.

As Ed Morrissey correctly notes, “Birth control is generally quite inexpensive; the Pill’s average cost is between $20 and $50 a month without insurance coverage. For low-income women, the government provides subsidized birth control through Title X family planning, for which Congress provided over $286 million in 2017 — the same level of funding as the three previous years under the HHS contraception mandate. No one’s trading the house payment or the electric service for the Pill.”

But by all means, social justice warriors, take to the streets. Again.