The Patriot Post® · Death Threats Prompt Heavier Security for EPA's Pruitt

By Jordan Candler ·

Not a single government official can escape the dangers that come with directing an agency, but one of the more risky roles is leading the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) — particularly if you’re conservative (ironic, no?). In fact, leftists are so angered by the changes being implemented by Administrator Scott Pruitt that he has little recourse but to beef up his security detail. Due to the growing number of death threats, Pruitt’s security assembly is being reinforced with 12 additional personnel.

According to Pruitt during a recent visit to Nashville, “The level of protection I have is dictated by the level of threat. … Unfortunately, we’ve had unprecedented threat levels, which has necessitated unprecedented levels of protection.” Citing the security detail’s $2 million price tag, one Nashville televisions station amusingly complained, “Some lawmakers are wondering if it’s a little too much.” They’ve apparently never witnessed the ferocity of so-called peace and harmony-loving environmentalists.

No doubt the ones providing death threats are some of the same ecoterrorists who protested the Dakota Access Pipeline in Iowa and South and North Dakota, wreaking millions of dollars’ worth of damage. And that was in addition to the theatrics they imposed on Keystone XL. Both pipelines weren’t just politically targeted by the Obama administration; they and the land they reside on were trashed and blockaded by angry zealots masquerading as “protesters.”

Pruitt’s predecessor, Gina McCarthy, didn’t need an inordinate level of protection because she was on their side. Moreover, most conservatives don’t respond to policies with which they disagree by engaging in reprehensible antics. The ecoterrorists’ own actions provide Pruitt ample reason for taking measures to mitigate the threat these arsonists pose.