The Patriot Post® · The Left Invites Abuse When It Promotes Illegal Immigration

By Jordan Candler ·

There are plenty of double standards that blemish the Left, and the issue of illegal immigration is one of them. The most recent example comes via The Boston Globe’s Katie Johnston in a piece titled, “For low-wage workers, many obstacles to reporting sexual harassment.” The term “low-wage workers” is ambiguous and interchangeable, as we discover in the content of the piece. Johnston writes:

The flood of sexual misconduct allegations in recent weeks has come largely from women in white-collar professions, but the problem is thought to be much more prevalent, and hidden, among low-wage workers. These women can’t afford to lose their jobs. Often they don’t speak English and don’t know the procedure for reporting abuse. Undocumented immigrants fear that if they confront their harassers, they will report the workers to immigration authorities. Under the Trump administration, advocates say, these workers have become even more fearful of speaking up. And when they do, even more obstacles await.

For the record, “undocumented immigrants” is a leftist misnomer for “illegal aliens.” There is absolutely no excuse for sexually harassing anyone, regardless of whether or not that person is here legally. But there’s also no excuse for what The Boston Globe is doing — spinning these assaults on illegals as a reason to … further loosen immigration policies. In truth, this is largely the problem, as Hot Air blogger Jazz Shaw explains:

These women wouldn’t be in such a perilous predicament if we didn’t still have so many American employers knowingly hiring illegal aliens without fear of serious reprisal. Illegal immigration isn’t just a threat to national security and a persistent, open wound in the rule of law. It’s also feeding a pipeline of potential victims into the waiting arms of serial sexual abusers. And if you’re the type of person with so little respect for our nation’s laws that you would regularly hire illegals, is it such a stretch of the imagination to think that you’d be willing to turn some of them into your personal sex slaves as a bonus?

Last month, a 17-year-old illegal immigrant was given permission to abort her baby. The Left rejoiced at the court-sanctioned abortion, which in terms of immigration policy put America in uncharted (and unconstitutional) territory. But here’s what The Washington Times reported just after the abortion: “The illegal immigrant teenager who was the subject of a major abortion fight last month is now seeking mental health treatment.” The Left promotes illegal immigration, but with it often comes pain, suffering and regret. In other words: Illegals can avoid being victimized merely by rejecting the Left’s invitation to unlawfully enter the U.S. in the first place.