The Patriot Post® · Franken's Real Resignation Strategy

By Thomas Gallatin ·

Adding yet another classic episode to that long-running dog-and-donkey show known as the Democrat Party, yesterday Sen. Al Franken announced his resignation in a Senate floor speech. Franken both hinted at accepting blame and yet absolved himself of any guilt. He was railroaded, you see, a victim of the current cultural and political climate. Franken said, “I know in my heart that nothing I have done as a senator — nothing — has brought dishonor on this institution.” He intended the key words to be “as a senator,” but really, nothing dishonorable? Please. There was no mention of the fact that it was his own party calling for his head.

Franken also opined about the need to “believe women” while insisting that the accusations made against him by several women were “not true,” or that he remembered the encounters “very differently.” Ironically, he sought to paint himself as a champion of women, stating, “I am proud that, during my time in the Senate, I have used my power to be a champion for women — and that I have earned a reputation as someone who respects the women I work alongside every day. I know there’s been a very different picture of me painted over the last few weeks. But I know who I really am.”

So if this was true, then why resign?

Franken finally revealed the reason, saying, “I, of all people, am aware that there is some irony in the fact that I am leaving while a man who bragged on tape of his history of sexual assault sits in the Oval Office.” Yep, as we wrote yesterday, this is all a calculated strategy by the Democrats to claim the political high ground so as to attack Donald Trump, Roy Moore and all Republicans as immoral hypocrites.

Finally, the biggest and most ironic detail to note. Franken has delayed his resignation by several weeks. Why? We’re betting that if Moore wins in Alabama next week, Franken will suddenly have a change of heart. His message will then be something along the lines of needing to stay in order to fight against those corrupt misogynist Republicans and their “war on women.”