The Patriot Post® · Corruption at the CFPB?

By Political Editors ·

Not only have members within the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau sought to resist Donald Trump’s appointment of Mick Mulvaney to temporarily head the rogue agency, it also appears that some egregiously corrupt practices have been occurring there.

A former employee at the CFPB, Cassandra Jackson, is now blowing the whistle on the agency alleging “widespread racism and gender discrimination” among the management, as well the extremely serious charge of “falsifying documents” relating to an investigation the agency was conducting into a Texas-based payday lending company. Jackson recounts, “During the course of this examination, I was asked [by my superiors] to change, remove and otherwise falsify documents connected with this examination.” Jackson claims that her superiors ordered her to do this so as to make it appear like the payday lending company had violated the law. She refused to comply and faced retaliatory action, while her managers then went ahead and falsified the reports anyway. She says she has documentation to back up her claims.

Due to the actions of the CFPB, the payday lending company, Ace Cash Express, was forced to shell out millions in fines and fees. Now, we’re not defending payday lenders, which do tend to prey on the poor, but if Jackson’s accusations prove to be true, then the CFPB has engaged in a fraudulent shakedown. This is precisely the type of danger posed by an unaccountable government agency. Who’s watching the watchers?