The Patriot Post® · Oregon Self-Serve Gas Pass Ignites Controversy

By Nate Jackson ·

Oregon has changed a law prohibiting residents from — gasp! — pumping their own gas into their cars. As of this week, some Oregonians may pump gas, as long as they live in one of the state’s 15 counties with fewer than 40,000 residents and their local service station opts to make the change. Readers of a certain age remember gas station attendants fondly, while Millennials and even many in Generation X in the rest of the country (outside New Jersey) may be wondering what you’re talking about — “We’ve always pumped our own gas.” Well, folks in Oregon were quite slow on the uptake, prohibiting self-serve stations in the name of safety and the environment, and now that the law has been mildly amended, many residents are losing their minds.

No, we’re not kidding. This is 2018, after all. Oregon residents have become the laughingstock of the Internet for social media posts fretting about having to stand in the cold, smelling like gas, spilling fuel or suffering injury. Some complain that they don’t even know how to pump gas. It’s almost hard to tell if they’re serious or just adding fuel to the fire for laughs.

To be fair, it’s easy to cherry-pick the dumbest comments in response to the news, but it certainly gives one the feeling that 21st century Americans are a bit sensitive about their inability to perform basic life functions. That said, poking a little fun at the whole kerfuffle sure is a gas!

Meanwhile, The Babylon Bee headlines, “Oregon Man Attempts To Decipher Gasoline Pump As Though It Were Advanced Alien Technology.”