The Patriot Post® · Feminists: Lady-Part Hats Are 'Transphobic' and 'Racist'

By Thomas Gallatin ·

On a day when the Left is pulling its collective hair out over the coarse language President Donald Trump allegedly uttered in a closed-door meeting with congressional leaders, we learn that feminist leaders are ditching their infamous anti-Trump hats evoking female anatomy. Not because they are vulgar, crude, offensive or tremendously silly, but over concerns that they are not “inclusive” enough. Go figure. Many feminist activists are worried that the hat “excludes and is offensive to transgender women and gender nonbinary people who don’t have typical female genitalia and to women of color because their genitals are more likely to be brown than pink.”

Honestly, you can’t make this stuff up. Nor would most people want to.

The, er, Pussyhat Project, the group responsible for creating the ridiculous apparel, sought to set the record straight on the color pink, insisting that it’s “considered a very female color representing caring, compassion and love.” The group sought to further push back against accusations that it was transphobic, writing, “Some people have questioned whether the very name ‘pussyhats’ means our movement is saying only people with vaginas can be feminists. No way! Trans people and intersex people and people with any genital anatomy can be feminists and wear Pussyhats™. Feminists who wear Pussyhats™ fight transmisogyny and support ALL women.”

The problem with catering and adhering to feelings over and against truth is that eventually the offended will find that they themselves have become the offender. And what recourse will they have to defend themselves when all the power for declaring motive and determining guilt belong solely to the offended “victim”? Ceding truth in the name of “social justice” can ultimately only produce real injustice. Or at least hilarity.