The Patriot Post® · March for Life vs. March for Lies

By Nate Jackson ·

Pro-life activists from around the nation gathered Friday in Washington, DC, for the annual March for Life — a peaceful event to stand for the sanctity of life on the anniversary of the tragic Roe v. Wade decision. President Donald Trump addressed the crowd, as did House Speaker Paul Ryan. “Roe v. Wade has resulted in some of the most permissive abortion laws anywhere in the world,” Trump said. “For example, the United States is one of only seven countries to allow elective late-term abortions, along with China, North Korea, and others.” He called for the Senate to pass the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act as the House did in October, a bill that would largely ban such late-term abortions.

Ryan declared, “Truth is on our side. Life begins at conception.” Indeed, even a major Leftmedia outlet, The Atlantic, admitted in a story, “Science Is Giving the Pro-Life Movement a Boost.” Ryan also announced that the House on Friday passed the Born-Alive Survivors Protection Act, which would protect “the life of those babies who suffer from failed abortions.” But “most importantly,” he said, “the pro-life movement is on the rise because we have love on our side. We believe every person is worthy of love and dignity.”

Contrast this to the other side, which claims to be the party of science, all while they insist an unborn baby isn’t alive or that a man can be a woman, and which screams “love wins” as they cajole, sue, threaten and sometimes physically assault those with whom they disagree.

Also this weekend, the Women’s March took to the nation’s capital (and other cities around the nation) to protest … well, peace and prosperity, apparently. Clearest of all is that they hate Donald Trump in particular, but basically all men are horrible and should be hated. While some feminists recently decided that the pink hats named with the vulgar term for a woman’s anatomy were racist and transphobic, many women insensitively sported them anyway. No, the leftist women protesting conservative policies didn’t turn violent, but they sure were crass and hateful. Many of the signs they displayed were vulgar, and their message continues to be either deceitful or despicable.

The contrast couldn’t be more stark.

But on a lighter note, Karen Townsend quips, “Women across the country staged marches to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the presidential inauguration of Donald J. Trump. The economy is booming, consumer confidence has rocketed out of the national malaise of the Obama years and is at a 17 year high. Unemployment numbers of women and African Americans are at a historic low, and the unemployment rate of the general workforce is likely to drop to its lowest since 1969 by 2019. Sounds like the past year deserves a celebration.”