The Patriot Post® · The Real Obstruction Conspiracy

By Political Editors ·

Attorney General Jeff Sessions was interviewed last week for several hours by Robert Mueller’s special council investigation into the Donald Trump/Russia collusion conspiracy. And now Mueller is reportedly seeking an interview with President Trump, which several of the president’s advisers legitimately fear is a perjury trap. Perhaps Mueller wants to catch Trump in a lie in order to charge him with obstruction. It’s a roundabout way to get Trump, since the Russian collusion conspiracy has thus far proven to be nothing more than tantalizing fiction. Trump has yet to agree to the interview, but his lawyers have been seeking to work out ground rules for any potential meeting.

The Mueller team reportedly is looking into Trump’s firing of both former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and former FBI Director James Comey in order to ascertain if there is a “pattern” of obstructionist behavior. However, if Mueller is intent on investigating obstruction, he’s barking up the wrong tree. What was the actual crime for which Trump is being investigated? So far there’s nothing beyond innuendoes, much of which were based on the dubious opposition research “dossier” created by Fusion GPS and funded by Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

It was Hillary who actually did break the law and who was “investigated” by the FBI. We hedge that word because all indications are the FBI had been indirectly, if not directly, instructed to let her off the hook. This is where the real investigation into obstruction should be focused. Clinton’s illegal email setup was known by Barack Obama, who corresponded with her at her private address using a pseudonym himself. If she had been charged, it would have pulled him into the investigation, implicating him for likewise being “grossly negligent” in handling classified material. He had to prevent that from occurring, ergo the public declarations that he was confident Clinton would be cleared. Meanwhile, his Attorney General Loretta Lynch was behind the scenes making sure the FBI’s findings agreed with Obama’s public statements. As we have learned, months before Hillary sat for the FBI interview, she knew she was in the clear. She had no fears of incriminating herself because she knew the fix was in — and that Obama was the fixer.

Trump is facing a deck that is stacked against him. If he pleads his Fifth Amendment right to avoid self-incrimination and refuses the Mueller interview, the Leftmedia will scream that it’s evidence of his obstruction. If he takes the interview, unlike Hillary, he risks being caught in a lie, no matter how insignificant, hence the perjury and obstruction trap.

With the recent revelations of a “secret society” within Obama’s Justice Department and the FBI, coupled with the all-too-convenient loss of months of text messages between key FBI officials and the aforementioned investigation fixing, this deep state corruption is starting to look more and more like Watergate on steroids.