The Patriot Post® · Vetting Obama a Decade Too Late

By Political Editors ·

In what is yet another example of journalistic bias, a photo from 2005 recently came to light. The photo clearly depicts then-junior Senator Barack Obama meeting and smiling with Louis Farrakhan, the leader of that hateful, anti-Semitic cult known as the Nation of Islam. According to the back story, Farrakhan had been invited by the Congressional Black Caucus to a meeting Obama was also attending. After the picture was taken, the photographer, Askia Muhammed, “gave the picture up … and basically swore secrecy.” Muhammed believed that the photo would have negatively impacted Obama’s presidential aspirations, saying, “I insist. It absolutely would have made a difference.”

While it might be tempting to believe the photo would have made an impact, in reality it probably would have made little difference. The fact is that even though Obama did keep company with a long list of despicable characters — everyone from his pastor Jeremiah Wright to radical Left terrorist Bill Ayers — the mainstream media refused to dig into Obama’s past connections. Rather, the MSM sought to protect Obama, playing him up as a messianic figure. Therefore, the Farrakhan photo, while clearly bad optics, would have been quickly buried and ignored even if it was released a decade ago.