The Patriot Post® · Conan Goes to Haiti ... to Insult Trump

By Culture Beat ·

Adding another episode in Hollywood’s long-running “hate President Donald Trump because he is the devil incarnate” script, Conan O'Brien took his late-night show on the road to Haiti. The motivation was related to Trump’s supposed vulgar reference to Haiti. It was clearly designed to push back on the image of Haiti being a poor place. Conan starts the program with a brief and rather dubious history of the nation, which essentially blames all of Haiti’s corruption and poverty on the West and America. He concludes his mini lesson by saying, “The Haitians have been dealt the worst in Western Hemisphere.” While it’s no secret Haiti has suffered, to blame it all on others is essentially why the country finds itself in such a state. You don’t make yourself better by blaming others for all your problems.

Conan then has several Haitians give one-liner jokes designed to mock and insult Trump. How clever and witty of Conan. In one interview, Conan speaks to a rather pleasant Haitian, suggesting that he is better at foreign policy than Trump. Oh, that tired leftist nonsense, which immediately suggests that only those who apologize for America — i.e. Barack Obama — are engaging in good foreign affairs. News flash, popularity polls from foreign countries serve as poor parameters on which to base policy.

And finally, Conan is staying at the Wahoo Bay resort, which runs $254 night, equating to half a year’s earnings for a quarter of Haitians. The World Bank records that over 59% of Haitians live below the national poverty line. So while the wealthy Conan hobnobs about seeking out those he can exploit for political insult, a majority of Haitians are more concerned with making sure they can get enough food on the table.