The Patriot Post® · McCabe Ousted: Uprooting Obama's Deep State?

By Thomas Gallatin ·

Monday afternoon the news broke that Barack Obama-era FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe had either “stepped down” or was “removed.” However it happened, the fact is McCabe is now no longer working at the FBI. The sudden announcement of McCabe’s departure comes suspiciously on the heels of FBI Director Christopher Wray’s review of the confidential FISA memo — the same memo the House Intel Committee just voted to make public. Recall that it was reported that Wray had earlier resisted pressure from President Donald Trump to remove McCabe, so why now the quick change of mind? Could the memo shed some light on the reason? Or has Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz, who is currently reviewing the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton, come across some damning material?

While more information on the level of deep state corruption is bound to surface, Democrats have sought to spin the narrative that Trump and Republicans are the ones guilty of undermining and damaging the FBI’s reputation. It’s the same tactic used by the mainstream media, which has regularly blamed Trump for supposedly undermining American’s trust in the MSM when the reality is they have done it to themselves. Similarly, while Trump has been somewhat careless with his rhetoric on the DOJ and FBI, the fact remains that evidence coming out appears to show a corruption problem with certain members within the agency. Members like former Director James Comey, who has admitted to leaking negative information on Trump to the press in order to get the special counsel created, and who decided to exonerate Hillary Clinton months before the investigation into her illegal email server and handling of classified information was concluded. That corruption extended to anti-Trump agents — the texting bias expressed by lead investigator Peter Strzok and lawyer Lisa Page appears to validate GOP suspicions of a deep state cabal within the FBI leadership.

As for McCabe, his wife ran as a Democrat for a state Senate seat in Virginia and took nearly $700,000 in contributions from donors like Terry McAuliffe linked to the Clinton machine. That was at the same time McCabe supervised the Clinton “probe.” He finally recused himself — one week prior to the election.

Did we mention that McCabe is still set to receive his $1.8 million pension package?

To be clear, the corruption charges against a few key DOJ and FBI operatives is not a “condemnation of the FBI,” but rather a condemnation of a handful of Obama deep state actors within the FBI. Democrats are diverting from that fact by accusing Trump and Republicans of “condemning the FBI.” The fact is the vast majority of the 35,000 people employed by the FBI steadfastly abide by their motto: Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity. It’s a good bet that the majority of FBI agents, whose reputations are being sullied by these corrupt officials, are just as frustrated if not more so by these bad apples.

All organizations are made up of a number of individuals, and while it is hoped that everyone within an organization would follow the rules and guidelines, the reality is people don’t. Why else would there be the need for oversight and ethics committees? The very fact that we need police departments who are themselves are subject to oversight is reason enough to call baloney on the Democrats’ objection to FBI scrutiny. The truth needs to come out, as covering it up will only breed greater distrust of those government agencies tasked with policing and protecting the citizens of this great nation.