Tuesday Short Cuts

Dezinformatsiya: "Add this to the list of decisions affected by climate change: Should I have children?" —NY Times

Political Editors · Feb. 6, 2018

The Gipper: “The Founding Fathers knew a government can’t control the economy without controlling people. And they knew when a government sets out to do that, it must use force and coercion to achieve its purpose.”

Dezinformatsiya: “Add this to the list of decisions affected by climate change: Should I have children?” —New York Times

Non Compos Mentis: “[Climate change will force women to] bear the brunt of looking for the food, looking for the firewood, looking for the place to migrate to.” —Hillary Clinton

The BIG Lie: “I still believe in truth, evidence, facts. There is no such thing as alternative reality, and we have to make sure that we don’t try to live in it or let anybody else push us to live in it either.” —Hillary Clinton

Tone-deaf: “It’s easy to be overwhelmed by all that’s [happening] … on the world stage and here at home. I know that. I get overwhelmed at least a dozen times a day.” —Hillary Clinton, who shares much of the blame for news that makes us overwhelmed

Braying Jackass: “We are dealing with probably the most dangerous and worst man in the presidency we have ever had in the history of this nation, but we are going to win the fight.” —Chuck Schumer

Braying Jenny: “The reason Congress is facing a 5th stop-gap budget bill is because the Republican majority is incompetent.” —Nancy Pelosi (No, the reason is that Democrats are obstructionists.)

Alpha Jackass: “The next Waco, the next time that federal law enforcement officials are killed in the line of duty, that’s on Trump.” —NBC News’ Nicolle Wallace

Race bait: “I think [national anthem kneeling] is going to be probably a constant theme for the president, because it’s a very easy dog whistle, it’s low-hanging fruit, it’s what I like to call racial pornography because it’s a way to stoke his base.” —ESPN’s Jemele Hill

And last… “We have now reached the point where feminists are claiming to be oppressed by a potato chip.” —Matt Walsh

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