The Patriot Post® · Tuesday Top Headlines

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  • House Intelligence Committee approves release of Dems’ rebuttal to FISA memo (Fox News)

  • Dossier author Steele wrote another anti-Trump memo; was fed info by Clinton-connected contact, Obama State Department (Washington Examiner)

  • Congress returns with just days to avoid shutdown (The Hill)

  • McCain’s DACA fix is likely dead on arrival (The Daily Signal)

  • Suspect in Colts’ Edwin Jackson, Uber driver deaths was twice-deported illegal alien who was previously convicted for drunk driving in California (Indianapolis Star)

  • U.S. economy fundamentally strong despite stock market plunge (Associated Press)

  • Clinton donor and Hollywood mogul Haim Saban gives $1,000 bonuses to staff thanks to tax reform (The Daily Wire)

  • Supreme Court won’t block Pennsylvania ruling that state redraw congressional boundaries immediately, in decision that could help Democrats (The Washington Post)

  • Here are the Philadelphia Eagles who plan to skip the White House Super Bowl visit (Fox News)

  • Super Bowl airs call for “equal pay” after NFL rejects #PleaseStand ad as too political (The Washington Times)

  • Canadian PM Trudeau mansplains to woman questioner: “Peoplekind” is “more inclusive” than “mankind” (The Washington Free Beacon)

  • Berkeley spent almost $4 million to keep campus safe from people angry about opinions (Washington Examiner)

  • More cities trying to sue energy companies over “damages” from climate change (Hot Air)

  • Policy: 2018 solutions for federal spending and debt (The Heritage Foundation)

  • Policy: CFPB case threatens the power of a president to shape his administration’s policies (National Review)