The Patriot Post® · Pelosi Sets Record While Advocating Illegal Aliens

By Thomas Gallatin ·

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on Wednesday set the record for delivering the longest speech from the floor of the House of Representatives in U.S. history. Setting the mark at eight hours and seven minutes, the 77-year-old used the occasion of Congress’s work to pass a budget deal to advocate for an immigration deal on DACA. Unlike the Senate, the House has no filibuster rule — only what is known as the “magic minute” special privilege, which essentially grants top House leaders extra time to speak.

Just stop and think about this: Ironically and outrageously, Pelosi exploited this special privilege to set a record in representing the interests of non-citizen illegal aliens rather than the rights of American citizens she was elected to represent. The Founding Fathers must be rolling over in their graves.

Secondly, Pelosi’s gambit was nothing more than a publicity stunt due to the fact that top House and Senate leaders are already in talks on a new immigration deal. That prompted House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) to ask, “I don’t understand. If you have four leaders agree to a bill, why do you get to negotiate if you’re not going to vote for the bill?” But, he teased, “I think [Pelosi’s speech is] going to make her Wikipedia page. It’s her biggest accomplishment this year.”

Pelosi argued that her sole objective was to ensure that House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) agrees to a vote on DACA. Ryan has maintained that he will only support a bill that would “support what the president supports.” Ryan stated, “President Trump made a very serious and sincere offer of goodwill with the reforms that he sent to the Hill. That is what we should be working off of. Those are the bipartisan negotiations that the majority leader is conducting on our behalf. So we’re not going to bring immigration legislation through that the president doesn’t support.”

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders clarified the issue, saying, “I think we’ve made clear that the budget deal should be a budget deal, and that members of Congress, like Nancy Pelosi, should not hold our military hostage over a separate issue. We’ve laid out what we would like to see in immigration legislation, and I think it’s something that Nancy Pelosi should support.”

On another note, during her speech Pelosi referenced her Roman Catholic faith and read selected Bible verses as justification for her advocation for illegal immigrant “Dreamers.” If her Catholic faith so “instructs” her policy position on immigration, why has it not also instructed and informed her position regarding the immorality of abortion or same-sex marriage? Evidently, Pelosi’s politics trump her faith.

Finally, after ending her marathon speech, Pelosi quipped that the time flew by, saying, “When you’re out there talking, it seems shorter. When you’re listening, it seems longer.” To which an astute reporter hollered back, “Yeah. We know.”