The Patriot Post® · Video: That Time Schumer Wanted a Military Parade

By Publius · ·

It was 2014, and Barack Obama was still commander in chief, and Chuck Schumer thought a giant parade to honor our military was a fantastic idea. (What, CNN and The New York Times forgot to remind about that?) Now that Donald Trump wants a parade, Schumer is, of course, opposed. What a difference four years and a change in administrations can make.

“With the war in Afghanistan winding down, now is the time to keep with longstanding American tradition and kick off a campaign for the first New York City welcome home parade for troops that served in Iraq and Afghanistan.” —Chuck Schumer

“The brave men and women who have selflessly served our nation with courage and skill in Iraq and Afghanistan deserve a recognition for their sacrifice. I stand with Senator Schumer in his call for a parade to honor our veteran heroes, and New York City would be proud to host this important event.” —Mayor Bill de Blasio